We offer a range of products manufactured to the highest standard from various countries around the world.
Our manufacturers are based in The United States of America, United Kingdom and China and place their emphasis on quality and standards with health and safet
y always a priority.

We offer a vast range of products to accommodate your needs. These products are categorised into Capital and Consumable products.


Hausted – We have Patient handling systems made in the US to facilitate almost every department within your hospital. Trolley/stretchers and chairs for basic transfer to specialist procedures incorporating X-ray, Endoscopy, A & E, Opthalmic Theatres, Daycase Departments and Operating  Theatres

Akrus - We offer both a competant range of proprietary products and OEM products, manufactured to customer specification or contract design.


MFOAM – Pressure relieving mattresses made in the UK from visco-elastic which gives fluid like qualities without the weight and imaging complications of fluid.

Cryocool® - Cryotherapy made in China for post-operative Knee and Shoulder surgery.

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