Akrus Strechers and Chairs

About Akrus

Since 1946 akrus has been focusing on the design, development and manufacturing of high quality and technically advanced medical devices for various medical applications. With both, domestic and international customers and business associates we enjoy a long standing reputation as a dependable and competent business partner and supplier.

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More about Akrus

We are able to offer both, a competent range of proprietary products, but also OEM products manufactured to customer spec's or contract designed. We take pride in our product design department is considered to be a valuable and resourceful partner amongst our big, internationally operating medical products customers.

Our experienced design and construction engineers and draftsmen have state of the art CAD equipment and other electronic tools available. We gather invaluable input and information on important features and functions for our products from doctors and medical staff but also and equally important, from patients and operators of our medical devices. We are also able to offer prototyping, product verification and evaluation and certification (CE,UL/CSA, etc.)

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