OR Specific is a leading provider of stainless steel operating room back tables and surgical instrument tables. The Big Case Back tables are specifically designed to accommodate large cases such as orthopedics, spinal fusions, neuro, endoscopy, open heart and craniotomies. The additional space created by the upper tier shelf promotes improved visibility, organisation and arrangement of instrument trays without the need for stacking.


6 Top Reasons why you should opt for the Big Case Back Table


  • You can set up instruments faster and easier because you have more than enough space to arrange the numerous trays - without stacking.
  • Efficiency is better because you don't have to walk from table to table to access instruments.
  • Smaller footprint in the room = more space and instrument sets may remain inside the laminar air flow curtain. 
  • Both levels of the table are height adjustable. The correct height can be individualised to accomodate the scrub nurse - addressing Occupational Health and Safety concerns. 
  • Holds up to 14 trays without stacking - allows for better organisation of instrument sets and makes training of new nurses easier. 
  • A minimum of 8- 15 minutes will be saved on room turnover ( Click here for Time Commission Report ).

Disposable Two-Tier Drapes

Protected by U.S. Patent No. 6,019,102
  • Unique single piece disposable drapes
  • Single piece drape easily covers both upper and main table surfaces
  • The clear plastic backdrop protects the sterile field while allowing light through to the main table surface
  • Standard: drape provides barrier protection, tear & puncture resistance, and absorbent layer. For OR use
  • Heavy-Duty: drape provides  premium  barrier protection, tear & puncture resistance, and high capacity absorbent layer. For OR use
  • Designed specifically for large orthopedic and spinal procedures. This drape should be accepted by the most discerning OR staff as a “stand alone” drape when considering potential strike through

  1. Adjustable Shelf
    Two set shelf positions from 12" to 15" above main surface
  2. Stationary Legs
    Table has a fixed table height of 33"

  1. Adjustable Shelf. Two set shelf positions from 12" to 15" above main surface
  2. Adjustable Legs
    Raise or lower the Main Surface 29" min. height-38" max. height
  3. Hand Crank
    Raises or lowers the entire table intraoperatively

Common Features

The Standard Big Case Back Table is ideal in supporting any surgical procedure that is implant and/or instrument intensive, especially when space is limited.

The Adjustable back tables accommodate staff heights ranging from 4’11” to 6’6". The main surface of the table may be adjusted to a maximum height of 38" or a minimum of 29".

Main Features:

  • 18 guage stainless steel
  • Four 3½” casters
  • Two front locking casters

Shelf Positions:

  • 12" above main surface
  • 15" above main surface

Weight Capacity:

  • Upper shelf – 150 lbs.
  • Main surface – 200 lbs.
  • Storage shelf – 200 lbs.
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